How to Choose Jewelry to Suit Your Skin Tone

Posted on 24 November 2016

How to choose jewelry to suit your skin tone

What colour jewelry do you prefer? Silver, gold or rose gold?  

As I was growing up, I always thought that gold jewelry was dated and always stuck to silver jewelry as it seemed trendier and had more choices in design. Now I prefer gold instead, it seems to complement my skin tone better. It turns out I have a warm skin tone and gold brightens my face.

How do you know whether you’re a warm or cool skin tone?
Look at your Veins
Bluish veins – Cool Skin Tone - You'll look better in Silver jewelry
Greenish veins – Warm Skin Tone - You'll look better in Gold and Rose Gold jewelry

You can apply this concept when picking colours for clothes, jewelry and make up too. Hold up clothes close to your face, if it brightens up your face, it suits you, if it washes you out, don’t pick it. Same goes for make up, try it on, if the colour dulls your face, don’t use it.

I lived most of my twenties in black as I thought it had a slimming effect before learning that I’m a warm skin tone and brown suits me better. Oh well. Now I try to keep any black to a minimum or away from my face (ie bottoms are ok) and stick to colours that complement my skin tone.

It takes practice to find colours that best suit you. It is by trial and error while trying jewllery, clothes and make up. Pay attention to when you get compliments on your dressing – often you are dressed in the colour that suits your complexion.

Forget the trends – pick a metal that best suit you. If you want to follow a colour trend, don’t follow blindly, pick a tone that best suits your skin complexion – you can most definitely find one.

I was quite sad to learn that I was a warm complexion as it meant that diamonds are no longer my best friend. I still wear them though and think that diamond studs are still wardrobe staples. Nowadays though I love coloured stones both precious and semi-precious – amethyst, garnet, peridot, aquamarine, emeralds ala Angelina Jolie (I wish!!)

If you’re looking for a good alternative to real gold jewelry given the high gold prices, check out well plated gold jewelry or 14Karat gold filled pieces which are highly tarnish resistant. It is a worthwhile investment to buy some classic jewelry pieces as jewelry sits nearest to your face and can make your look complete.

What skin tone are you? Could you share what colours work best for you?

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